Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Use Dental Implants to Fight Early Facial Aging

A full set of teeth is aesthetically pleasing, but the function of a full set of teeth (natural or artificial) makes a difference in how a face ages over the long-term. Modern dental treatments have evolved into treatment that will help to improve the quality of a smile’s aesthetics and function. Missing teeth will speed up the signs of aging.  To make sure all concerns are addressed, a dentist will want to treat patients with the best solution for missing teeth, dental implants.

One of the more favored dental treatments for missing teeth is dental implants. This modern technological solution was designed to treat all consequences associated with missing teeth. They give smiles a natural aesthetic look and complete a set a teeth for durable function.  Other concerns are also addressed: emotional, psychological and digestion. Depending on the age of the patient, the dentist may stress their concern for early aging consequences. Given time, the loss of teeth will speed up the aging process. There may not be such a push for dental implants in patients who are already entering their golden years as there would before a 20 or 30 year old who suffered dental trauma. No matter how old patients are, it is always best to understand the pros and cons of dental treatment options in order to make the best informed decisions. It is uncommon to find a patient who is willing to accept the early aging effects of missing teeth and in the end do nothing to repair the damage.
Ask your dentist if you qualify for dental implants
Dental Implant

There are natural changes that come about as people age. Missing teeth grossly accelerates the process and can add 10 years to the look of a person’s face. In a world of aesthetic priorities, dental implants are a great solution to prevent premature facial damage.

How do missing teeth affect facial structure?

• Decrease facial height as the jaw bone diminishes, bone height collapses
• Angle of lips lowers creating a natural frown look
• Vertical skin lines are formed
• Upper lip thins and becomes longer from lack of support
• Facial muscles become less tone

How can dentures help?

Standard dentures are not permanent. A full or partial set will help with aesthetics, function and digestion. Because typical dentures set atop the gums, there is no support to the jaw bone and therefore, denture wearers will still have gradual bone loss to speed up the aging process. If there are several teeth missing, a dentist will suggest dental implant supported dentures to help stimulate the jaw bone and make the dentures a more secure and comfortable solution. Another option is dental implant supported bridges. Dentists will help determine which solution works best on a case by case nature.

If you are missing teeth and know that you don’t want to see any signs of early aging, call the office of Forrest Tower, D.D.S. and schedule a consultation to discover what options are available for your optimum oral health. An exam will give the dentist enough information to create the best dental treatment plan with long-lasting results.