Monday, April 17, 2017

Clear Correct vs. Invisalign Clear Aligners

Almost everyone has heard of Invisalign® clear aligners and knows that they are an alternative to traditional metal braces. However, ClearCorrect is a newer choice and many dental patients are singing its praises.

ClearCorrect uses removable clear aligners like Invisalign to gradually straighten teeth. In most aspects they are virtually the same, though there are important differences.
Invisalign and ClearCorrect are both made of a clear plastic that is difficult to detect and can be easily removed and cleaned. They are also both made from a custom impression of the patient’s teeth so that they fit tightly and must be worn all day except when eating and drinking, or brushing and flossing.
Invisalign and ClearCorrect each adjust the teeth in small increments. After wearing one aligner for about 2 weeks, the aligners are replaced with the next straightening step. . Some patients felt the ClearCorrect aligners were less noticeable due to them being thinner and clearer.
Regardless of which aligner is chosen, the length of treatment will depend on how much work needs to be done. After your initial consultation and impressions, your dentist will determine how long your treatment will be.
Your Success With Clear Aligners
Success with clear aligners has less to do with which brand is chosen and more to do with the expertise of your dental professional. Finding an experienced dentist is the number one consideration when choosing to use clear aligners for straightening teeth.
While Invisalign and ClearCorrect may look slightly different, the brand of plastic aligner makes little difference on your final result (how your bite will feel or the look of your smile at the end of treatment).
Cost and Customer Service
Patient feedback suggests that ClearCorrect has better customer service than Invisalign, and a lower general cost. Another consideration is that while Invisalign charges additional fees for post treatment adjustments if patient isn’t completely satisfied with end result, ClearCorrect often will add post treatment adjustments for free.
ClearCorrect manufactures their aligners here in the US while Invisalign’s production is mostly based in Mexico.
Dr. Forrest Tower is experienced with ClearCorrect. If you are interested in clear braces and live in the Oak Lawn area, contact Dr. Tower.  His well-staffed and friendly dental office is conveniently located south of the 55 freeway between routes 294 and 57.